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TWEEN: A Flash Odyssey TWEEN: A Flash Odyssey

Rated 5 / 5 stars


As a flash animator.... i loved this piece... it was short and sweet... funny... Dramatic... i love it... I love you

It made me stand up and clap after watching it... : D 5/5 10/10 god/god.........

Conspiracy Corner Ep.1 Conspiracy Corner Ep.1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Not something I was expecting, however, not the best it could be....

While the sound quality was bad at times and I could barely understand what that little blob thing was saying, It WAS kind of funny, cute... and above all, it was educational (Im not sure if the information in the flash is really true or if it's fictional, and I do not plan to research it anyways)

However... this flash WAS entertaining... Not the best it could be.... 3/5.... Good job, I say.

F.O.R.U.M. #1 F.O.R.U.M. #1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

madness with limbs?

Theres no vocals, and no story... its just hardcore metal whateveryouwannacallit music in the background, and some guy with no eyes, killing people in what looks like swat uniforms.

Now when someone makes a movie with violence as random as this, without any plot/story/anythinginterestingatall..
. How do you expect to keep a viewer attached to the flick?... GOOD ANIMATION

Fancy movements and accurate, if not cool looking physics help a lot.

And im sorry, this flash had none of that.. however... for your effort, and since you seem like a beginning animator... 4/10 be glad you got at least that much from someone as much of ass as I am.

Kreid responds:

My animation is better , this was one of the first films i made and i just recently decided to give it a go on NG