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2008-11-07 15:00:01 by Tekky

Over the passed few months, i've slowly become quite the pothead.

I love getting high and it's time I shared it with the world...

I opened audacity and hit the record button.

The rest was history...

Go check out "A Stoner Story" episode 1.


One for the lady.

2008-06-23 11:46:27 by Tekky

I'm very 'in love.'

Released "Bailey" yesterday, for my girlfriend Bailey...

My next project will be longer, and take much longer. I'm thinking of remaking this most recent toon into something longer and prettier.

However, I do need time to recover from this last project... Breaks are nice.

Now let us take time to praise Lord Denzel Washington... May he bring us love and lots of fives.


One for the lady.